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Creative Approaches for Branding and Reaching Your Target Audience
We are always creating new ways to help our clients reach their marketing objectives.  Sometimes it's a matter of creating an effective tool on a shoe-string budget; others require innovative ways to present products that are still in the developmental stage; and yet others require creative pathways to reach audiences through less-than-conventional methods -- like a message on dog t-shirts for a dog lover's audience.

Stryker Product Demo -- OZ Implant

A combination of original illustration, surgical technique video and digital effects are used in this creative marketing tool. This demo was used effectively through links in email blasts promoting the product to cranial and neurosurgeons, as well as on iPads for demonstration purposes to support the sales force in the field. Select image to play MP4 file.

MEDPOR Product Demo -- MEDPOR TITAN Cranial Curve

Original illustration and photography are used in the product demonstration video to show how the MEDPOR TITAN Cranial Curve may be used in skull base reconstruction.  This demo was used on the website, in educational email blasts and as a support tool for the sales force.

Novelty Marketing Items
Cancer Votes Baby Bib                                Dog Lovers T-shirt for Pets
Making a Big Splash for a Small Company
Video Game with Life-Sized Components for Trade Showing Marketing


 - Entertain show attendees
 - Capture contact information
 - Memorable impact in a small footprint

We created a video game to be played at a booth kiosk at the CNS (Congress of Neurological Surgeons) Annual Meeting.  The game captured the contact information of players, who could compete to win a skull model for office use.  We designed the game with a wireless trigger so that a winning round signaled the eyes of the giant skull to light up and made the skull spin whenever a surgeon completed a winning game session. We also developed the engineering plans for the skull, supervised its creation, and tested the game with the skull prior to set up on the trade show floor. The entire show floor knew everytime there was a winner -- and they all remembered the small company with the giant skull.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint with a Bicycle Billboard

This six-foot-tall mobile billboard invited trade show attendees to enter a contest by text and win a prize to be picked up at the PolyVision booth during the BETT show.