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Logo Design and Graphic ID

The fundamentals of branding, whether establishing an image for a corporation, organization, product or service, begin with a visual identity.  We have worked with clients across many diverse industries for 20 years helping them establish a presence within an industry or promote brand leadership within a marketing channel.

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Umbrella graphic treatment for a collection of advocacy event activities sponsored by
ACS CAN (American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network)

2019 adaptaption / sticker          2019 window cling adaptation      5th Anniversary adaptation
signifying qualifying                      for all ACS CAN members             of ACS CAN's Lights of Hope
ACS CAN clubs
                                                                     event logo

Voter Awareness Campaign         10-Year Anniversary                   Volunteer Organization
for American Cancer Society        American Cancer Society         American Cancer Society
Cancer Action Network                 Cancer Action Network             Cancer Action Network

Wholesale lumber division of      Trucking and logistics division      Proprietary thermally modified hardwood
Atlanta Hardwood Corp.          Atlanta Hardwood Corp.              product from Atlanta Hardwood Corp.

 Porex Surgical Products             Game and Logo                      Logo for CDC for the Epidemic  
                                                           Porex Surgical Products
        Information Exchange Web Site

 Unisource Campaign             Grassroots Campaign                  Unum Provident Insurance Companies
                                                        Georgia Medical Association


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